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Yoga has made a huge impact in my life, especially living in another country.

Through these 15 years that I have been practicing and living my Yoga every day, I have come to the realization that is not where we live our life, but how do we live our life where we are.

Yoga has provided me with extraordinary tools and has opened the doors for me to pass along this ancestral practice to serve not just my American community or Latin community, but to serve our humanity.

I am grateful that language and culture are not a barrier any more, for me to be here and live my dharma (my purpose in life).

Each of us is on our own unique soul journey.

If our innate human desire is to belong, how do we navigate conforming to be a part of a shared human experience and needing to be fully comfortable in our own skin in order to be truly authentic?

"Belonging" has been the inspiration behind my latest Yoga offering this August the 28th, Outdoor practice to help bring Yoga to small rural communities in México.

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