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Cynthia's first experience with yoga occurred about 15 years ago, when, out of curiosity, she took her first Hatha Yoga lesson during a beach trip in her home country of México.

She immediately knew yoga would be integral in her life.


After graduating from college, Cynthia left México and landed in Atlanta, Ga., where she  committed to her yoga journey. She started practicing Bikram Yoga because of its athletic aspect, but decided to look for a more spiritual practice after a couple of years.

She explored various practices, including Ashtanga, Aerial, Iyengar, and Meditation, but it was in Vinyasa style that she found a true connection. Its sweet combination of creative sequences, dynamic movements, sustained postures, Pranayama (breathing), and the beauty of the flow quiets the mind and lifts the spirit was exactly what Cynthia had been searching for.

She embarked on her teaching journey shortly thereafter, teaching in local studios in Atlanta in both English and Spanish, looking to inspire students to connect body, mind, and soul.


A true believer that everything comes to you in the right moment, Cynthia moved across the country to Portland and achieved a 500hr training with Jason Crandell which provided her with an integrative, expert-level  in vinyasa yoga technique, anatomy, teaching methodology, and comparative philosophy as well as got a certification on sound healing therapy.


Currently she teaches yoga classes at Local Studios in Portland where she contributes to yoga teacher trainings and gives workshops for adults & kids

To expand on this journey she has been hosting International yoga retreats by combining all her passion for Yoga, fitness, and meditation with students that want to immerse in a better way into this transformative experience.




Amor & Luz
Cynthia Pedraza

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