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Live your best life

It's been a rough year. However, I’m grateful that the practice of Yoga has reminded me that even though we might not have control over the circumstances in our lives, we have full control over the way that we react in the moments when life challenges us.

There has been so much noise in our minds lately that it's been hard to focus and find consistency and motivation.

The great teacher Ram Dass says, “The quieter the mind becomes, the more that you can hear.” But how are we going to do that if the world keeps spinning around us?

Well, let me tell you something dear one: there is not a magic wand to attain this state of peace and serenity, BUT there is consistency, there is practice, and what we practice we become!

On my journey as a Yoga practitioner, I have learned that my "magic carpet" (as I call my yoga mat) is a place to allow myself to simply BE without trying to become. It is a space where I can find inner-silence, and for years I have been reflecting on how to unfold the teachings of yoga and apply them in our personal lives, especially in those situations when our inner voice is yelling and all we want is silence.

And so inspiration came to me. I became aware of the 8 steps that have been in every single one of my yoga practices. These steps shed a light for me to understand that everything that we need to live well is within ourselves...we simply need to remember this.

I have a way...and I would love to share with you these 8 steps to live your best life.

The pause, the intention, clearing obstacles, commitment, courage, generosity, the art of letting go, and WHOLENESS.

May we live in alignment with our life purpose... CLICK ON THE PHOTO to find more


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