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Keep your gaze soft

When practicing yoga where do you look, and what exactly are you supposed to be looking for?

Well... did you know you had as many as nine options?

This tool is known as Drishti, the Sanskrit term for “sight” fixing your gaze allows you to control your wandering eyes, and get away from distractions, which will help you improve your concentration (dharana).

Drishti is a soft-focus gaze with relaxed eyes that allows you to find and internal gaze that enhances your physical practice by preserving and directing your energy.

When we focus our gaze in one place during our practice, we can be fully present on our mat and learn how to bring focus and awareness into our daily life.

The nine Drishtis: 1 – Tip of the nose – Nasagra Drishti 2 – Up to space – Urdva Drishti 3 – Third Eye – Brumadya Drishti 4 – Tip of the middle finger – Hastagra Drishti 5 – Tip of the thumb – Angushta Drishti 6 – Right Side – Parshva Drishti 7 – Left Side – Parshva Drishti 8 – Navel – Nabi Drishti 9 – Tip of the big toe – Padagra Drishti

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