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Are we really who they say we are?

People label us with tags, names, and nicknames.

Our jobs and our roles only catalog us giving us an identity, but they do not define who we really are ... we are SO much more than that.

I believe that the more we know about ourselves and the more we find curiosity about who we really are, gives us tremendous power to grow our own happiness.

This is why I never stop questioning myself, I am my own experiment and I love it!

In one of my personal explorations I asked some people; How would they define me with one single word?

While receiving the answers my heart expanded.

The words/adjectives that people used to described me were surprisingly beautiful; and this is where my exploration got really interesting.

When I read all these descriptions, labels, adjectives I found so hard to accept the way people see me, the perception they have of me.

Why is it so hard to get complements without making an excuse? Like when some one tells you “you look beautiful today” instead of gracefully receive the complement with a "Thank you" I found myself giving an excuse like “Oh no I barely slept last night my face looks so tired”

Another thing that I noticed is that most of these words described what I want in my life like love, peace, serenity, happiness!

What if I already have and reflect all of this? What if you have what you have been searching and wanting in your hands right now at this very moment?

Sometimes others can open our eyes to see that our own actions are taking us in the right direction, and we must acknowledge that.

In the end we are a combination of successes and mistakes, black and white, sweet and salty of answers and questions.

All these descriptions or perceptions may be a reflection of our life, or perhaps they are a reflection of the person who is describing us.

But for me the real answer is not in what others think of myself, the answer is in the journey of consulting my own thoughts and feelings with a result of a meaningful self-knowledge.

How about you, How do you define yourself?

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