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This article is born from deep reflection about what has been happening around the world lately.

Our activities have modified almost every part of our planet and let’s not forget the decisions we make today will determine how the world will be for our future generations.

As a mother I have an enormous concern on how our children perceive the world around them.

Every day we are given countless opportunities to engage with our natural environment, and it’s so sad to witness how we are losing the opportunity to take care of our own home.

Now... what does this has to do with Yoga?

Well… Yoga is not just about doing poses, it's about living with intention and mindfulness.

So today I will like to talk about “Ahimsa” which is the yogic principle of non-harming.

Yoga is widely known as a practice centered around physical postures, but yoga is actually a system of eight “limbs” which are restraints and moral disciplines that guide us to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

The first step of the first limb of yoga is AHIMSA, the practice of nonviolence toward all living things.

Ahimsa is being kind to all living things on earth and showing compassion towards others, is being one with nature.

By showing respect to nature, it will show respect to you, if we treat nature with compassion and kindness, it will treat us with the same compassion and kindness.

The human race hasn't been very nice to Earth lately and the natural disasters happening are the voice of our Planet telling us we are doing something wrong.

It’s time to listen, it’s time to take action!

A good way to practice Ahimsa is by respecting the world we live in by cultivating awareness of our own thoughts and actions, making an effort to leave our planet better than we found it.

Here are some ideas on how to practice Ahimsa to the way we care for our planet.

•Buy all-natural cleaning products

•Eating organic food will keep pesticides out of the soil and water

•Composte, recycle, reuse

•Get reusable bags for the grocery store

•Pay attention to how you use water

•Buy locally grown produce

•Stop making excuses! taking care of our planet should be our number one priority.

If you are a parent, less electronics more outdoors!

Take your kids out into nature, go for a walk, lay down underneath a tree, make them look up and see the blue sky, the stars, let them feel the rain, It all starts by realizing how amazing is the place we live in to cultivate love, gratitude and kindness towards mother earth.

Every single effort can make a huge difference!

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