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Mindful, Happy Kids

I am a huge fan of children books, specially books about mindfulness.

I love the covers, typography, colorful pages, creative illustrations and the inspiring messages behind the magical stories written in their pages.

We visit the library or book store often to encourage our daughters to read and to my surprise during my recent visits to the book store I have found some wonderful children's books that introduce mindfulness and meditation to kids.

It has made me think that today we live in a world of technology, where kids spend more and more time on their phones or playing video games, As a result I also see a desire to teach our children a different way and these books are an amazing way to start.

I think that learning to be mindful of what’s happening in the moment, helps our kids to make better decisions rather than be ruled by their emotions.

In our family, story time is an essential part of our nightly routine.

Each of my girls get to pick a book every night and read some pages and at the end we all share our thoughts, some of these stories will translate into situations we experience throughout the day, books are a great tool to make our little ones reflect upon they actions, emotions and feelings.

Here is a list of my favorite books that are a great to expose children to this mindset early on:

  • Yawning Yoga by Laurie Jordan

  • Good Morning Yoga & Good Night Yoga by Mariam Gates

  • In My Heart Jo Witek

  • Brave As Can Be Jo Witek

  • I Am Yoga Susan Verde

  • What Do You Do with an Idea? Kobi Yamada

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