I am a big fan of matcha! Green tea powder tea is made from ground green tea leaves and has long been hailed for its high levels of anti-oxidants and health benefits. Matcha is a much more concentrated form of green tea and carries all the same benefits but in a much much smaller amount. Add Matcha to your smoothies to enhance your mood and boost your energy!


  • ½ cups of vanilla almond milk

  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries

  • 1 tsp of matcha green tea powder

  • 1 cup of Plant-based protein

  • 1 frozen banana


  1. Blend: Blueberries, Almond milk, and protein, pour in a glass

  2. Blend: Banana, Matcha, Almond milk, pour on top of the blueberry blend

  3. Top it with muesli.

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