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Yoga is much more than just a pose...The Story Behind the Warrior Poses

Yoga is much more than a shape that we create with our bodies.

Behind each Yoga pose we can find different ways to learn patience, focus, determination, acceptance etc...

You might have heard about The warrior pose in Yoga, well there are “3 warriors” the name

Of these poses in Sanskrit are Virabhadrasana I,II & III.

Behind these warriors there is a Myth, a love story that teaches us what is behind these poses.

Lord Shiva falls in love with Sati

Daksha, Sati’s father would not approve this marriage.

He hosts a party for his daughter Sati to find a husband an put a garland around the neck of the elegible, but when she is about to do it she calls the name Shiva!

He arrives and gets the garland around his neck, long story short they get married and Daksha gets really disappointed of his daughter Sati.

He hosts another party, Shiva is not invited so Sati comes to the party and she just can’t understand why his dad would not let them be happy and in love, so in her sadness she burned into flames.

Grief-stricken, Shiva tears his hair out, and from that hair he manifests Virabhadra (Warrior I) to slay Sati's stubborn-minded father.

(Warrior II) Virabhadra draws his sword arms outstretched and cuts off Daksha’s head.

(Warrior III) He reaches forward to pick up the head and place it on a stake to display.

Sati (Shakti) is reborn in another body and not super happy with Shiva. She wanted her father to accept them both, and killing him didn’t really help. Shiva realizes he acted hastily and, determined to fix the situation, goes to the party to reattach Daksha’s head.

When Daksha's heartbeat returns, his perspective has shifted; he, too, feels regret for his ways. From then on, he calls Shiva "Shiva Shankar," the kind and benevolent one. In the end, Sati also comes back to life by re-incarnating as Parvati (another goddess and wife of Shiva).

The teachings:

Shiva represents the Higher Self

Shakti (Sati) represents the heart

Daksha the ego.

The ego (Daksha) is constantly trying to win, The Higher Self responds by killing the ego out of spite and it is only the heart (Shakti) who has the compassion to forgive so they truly can live in union together.

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