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I believe that Yoga is a way to find your true soul, is stepping out of your mat every day with a kind heart, and compassion for others, is taking away the ego and taking in the love that this world has for us. 

I look to Inspire students through the gift of Yoga and to make them connect with their own personal wisdom, body, mind and soul through alignment, body awareness, and the art of breathing.


"I've been practicing yoga for many years now, and Cynthia's way of teaching is a true treasure. You can tell yoga is a lifestyle that feeds her soul. I feel blessed to be a regular student in her class, Cynthia teaches yoga from the heart with Joyful Enthusiasm! It's contagious and you can't help but have fun while you learn."

Laurel Wolfe

"Cynthia radiates positive energy and in teaching she offers the very essence of what I am learning about the yoga life. How she lives and what she says in and out of class is inspiring; it is all rooted in love. Her enthusiasm stems from a deep passion for life. And, the lessons she teach are profound."

Lauren Trank

Oregon USA / México City

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