Teacher Mentorship Program

 A one-on-one mentorship program designed to elevate and inform your teaching and studentship finding your most authentic qualities and skills.

In this program you will find understanding of your WHY as a yoga teacher and practitioner, and 

gain confidence in your voice as a yoga teacher and leader​!

My internship with Cynthia was one of the best decisions for my yoga journey. She helped me create a format for class sequencing that I could use for any theme. Cynthia also provided me with a plethora of adjustments to use in order to elevate my students experience in my classes. This one on one teaching experience was a great way to understand the power behind movement and breath. Finally, Cynthia also offered me a solid reading list and a guide for how to successfully DJ my class. I feel far more confident in my teaching and  in my practice! If you choose to take this internship with Cynthia, you won’t be disappointed!

Cash Torbjorn Court

Oregon USA / México City

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